10 Apr 2017

Albwardy Damen a perfect choice for bunker tankers

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Red Sea Marine Services is a Saudi based company established in Jeddah in 1987 which owns and operates 42 vessels. This includes 16 tankers, 26 anchor handlers, harbour tugs and crew boats.

Mr. Vaheed, the technical manager of Red Sea Marine explains: “We have a long-term business relationship with Albwardy Damen Fujairah for harbour and voyage repairs. When the new Albwardy Damen shipyards opened in Sharjah the relationship was strengthened further. Our bunker tanker vessel Al Barakah was the first of our vessels docked at Albwardy Damen Sharjah for a special survey. In fact, the vessel was on dock during the inauguration of the yard in 2014. The other vessels that followed were Al Safa, Al Israa and Al Miraj.

“We find Albwardy Damen a perfect choice for our vessels due to following reasons:

  • The geographical location of the shipyard – it being the closest to the trading location (Fujairah).

  • The friendliness of the port makes the entry and exit of the vessel very smooth.

  • The possibility to dock/undock vessels during the weekends/holidays.

  • It is one of the few yards in the region that can carry out grit blasting.

  • It is very friendly shipyard with the right approach to customers.

After the successful docking of our four tankers, we can confidently recommend this state-of-the-art shipyard to any owners and operators in this region.