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Urgent repair services 24/7

We are available 24/7 to support you. With our combination of highly skilled staff and cutting-edge facilities & equipment we are on standby to assist with any type of repair, getting you safely and swiftly underway.

For urgent requests contact us: +971 6 506 5300

Our services include

  • Fire damage repairs

    When fire strikes we are on hand with a rapid response. We are able to mobilise scaffolding and lighting and commence cleaning within a matter of hours. Our highly skilled team have extensive experience in dealing with fire damage. The efficiency of our operation is boosted by our in-house stock of steel and newbuild equipment such as cables and gaskets.

  • Collision and grounding

    We understand that following a collision or grounding incident, time is of the essence. We are able to mobilise an expert team to support you in the swiftest possible timeframe. Plus, with our in-house access to steel and ship components, we are able to rapidly undertake any repairs.

  • Grab damage

    We have an extensive track record of repairing cargo hold and grab damage, and in performing emergency repairs to cranes. Our highly trained team stands ready to support you with a rapid response and access to all materials required to undertake your repairs.

  • Anchor recovery

    We have an almost 100% retrieval rate of anchors lost with the chain, even in the +100 metres depths encountered in Fujairah where our team is located. Our approach to provide an efficient response, providing a dedicated team to carry out repairs to the winch, another to repair damage to the ship, and another, rapid response team to fetch the anchor.

Albwardy Damen highlights

  • Safety is our highest priority

    We are committed to continuously maintaining a safe and healthy workplace in all our operations. We recognise that we work in a dynamic industry involving potentially hazardous equipment and operations.

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  • 1500 people ready 24/7

    We have a dedicated team of 1500 people in three UAE locations, who are ready to support our customers 24/7.

  • One-stop-shop

    We have a large team of in-house specialists who can pick up the requests of any level of complexity. We are engineering, building and repairing steel or aluminum vessels. Our mechanical and electrical departments are all in-house. We have a large experience in retrofitting and conversions.

  • All major trades in-house

    We have all major trades in-house, mainly carried out by our own staff. We offer 3D scanning, retrofitting, propeller repairs, thruster repairs, GRE piping, hydraulic and electric repairs. We have a multi-disciplinary Engineering and Production support team in-house.

  • Quality & Safety at the right price

    We are committed to continuously maintaining a safe and healthy workplace in all our operations. With all key competences in-house we deliver to the highest technical, environmental standards at the right price.

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