7 Sep 2017

Albwardy Damen Sharjah yard completes bam international jack-up overhaul

In focus: ✔Ship repair ✔International jack-up overhaul ✔ Jack-up barge ✔ Albwardy Damen Sharjah


During May, Dutch marine contractor BAM International brought its jack-up barge IB909 to Albwardy Damen’s Sharjah yard for a major overhaul. The Sharjah yard is well experienced in working on jack-ups, lift-boats, drilling rigs and other marine equipment with legs.

“The scope of work on this project was very broad,” states Marcel van de Kreke, Operations Director Sharjah . “The work was carried out successfully; As the power plant was not operational the IB909 was jacked up with the aid of an external power source within 2 weeks of work commencing. Within this period, all the jacking and associated motors were renewed, all the hydroelectric lines were traced and appropriate action plans were proposed for temporary jack-up.

“We were required to replace all four of the auxiliary engines with new ones supplied by the owner – including modifications to the foundations and pipelines and assisting Caterpillar with the final commissioning. Further to that, the work involved reinstating the OWS and STP systems, overhauling the hydraulic spares of the cranes, renewal of steel on the bottom plates and assisting Bakker Sliedrecht in replacing all electrical cabling .”

All the work was carried out on schedule and IB909 was delivered back to her owners on time.