6 Sep 2021

Completion Damen Multibuster 8020

In focus: ✔Newbuilding ✔ Offshore support vessels ✔ Docking ✔ Multibuster 8020 ✔ Albwardy Damen Sharjah


Damen Multibuster 8020 (DMB 8020) is a Multifunctional Diesel Electric DP2 vessel with exceptionally shallow draft capabilities. Having 80 metres length and 800 square metres of deck area with a draft of 3.4 metres makes her suitable for various heavy duty jobs in shallow water which is a very rare combination for an 80 metres long vessel.

The bottom of the vessel is specially designed with high strength so that she can be Beached for various cable laying jobs. Vessel is built with CLEANSHIP, GREEN PASSPORT, COMF3 and Fire Fighting 1 Notation. She is equipped with an Active Heave Compensated Hydraulic Knuckle boom Offshore Crane from Heila with 65 tonne capacity at 9.6 m radius and 13.5 tonne at 29.9 m radius. Multibuster is equipped to carry 60 men onboard for various offshore duties and having finest accommodation facilities. She is readily capable to be a Diving support vessel.

The complete process from basic design, detailed engineering, procurement and production was managed in-house within Albwardy Damen which was a great achievement for this prototype electric propulsion vessel. After launching on the 2nd of August 2021, we completed the commissioning of all equipment and harbour acceptance trials completed in mid-November, right now she is performing her yard sea trials. Sea trials are planned for 13 days to check the performances including DP FMEA Trials. During the official sea trials each system will be tested carefully with acceptance from Bureau Veritas.

As we are nearly reaching vessel ready for delivery, I would like to mention few names here who were core team on the project. Basic engineering and detailed engineering were taken care by Midhun Moidunny (Naval Architect) and Samir Nasnodker (Electrical Engineer). Our Purchaser Tom Jose who was responsible for complete purchase process from overseas and local. Rahul Haridas and Sethu Raj (Project Engineers) who were my right and left hand onboard from monitoring, controlling and coordinating all the processes involved including commissioning. I also like to thank each and every person who involved in the project directly or indirectly. I also like to express about the support from Damen Services Middle east for commissioning activities.

In this project, we have worked together with two major subcontractors, Modutec (Accommodation outfit Subcontractor) and CASP Heinen & Hopman Company (HVAC Subcontractor). We have also worked closely with all equipment manufacturers from overseas and local such as Pon Power, Schottel, Elkon, Konsberg for NavCom and DP, Radio Holland for internal communication systems, FFS, Technology Ventures, Alfa Laval and Vikings Life Savings Equipment for the successful design, installation and commissioning.

At yard sea trials, I felt so proud of the team and of our yard. Despite the challenges of building this complex, prototype vessel, they all remained positive throughout and overcame each challenge as it arose and we successfully performed the yard sea trials. With all the efforts and supports within Albwardy-Damen, I can assure you that we have built a great Damen Vessel, Multibuster 8020.

Sajan Karolkuni Project Manager – DMB8020