26 Nov 2021

Damen Services Middle East. New deliveries

In focus: ✔Newbuilding ✔Damen Multibuster 8020 ✔Military Ro-Ro vessel ✔LST100 ✔Shoalbuster 3815 ✔Deliveries✔Damen Services Middle East


Damen Services Middle East are carrying out the commissioning of systems on board a Damen Multibuster (DMB8020), a Military Ro-Ro vessel (LST100) as well as a Shoalbuster (SHB3815).

The expertise of Damen Services Middle East in mechanical, hydraulic as well as electric, electronic and automation systems is put to use in these projects. During commissioning projects Damen Service Middle East is fully utilizing our local pool of field service engineers with various specializations as well our access to the global Damen Services pool of specialist engineers. This is a very cost effective way to bring the expertise needed for any commissioning as well as refit or repair project to our clients in the region.

Damen Services Middle East have long been working in Pakistan, and to further improve our services locally we will have a permanent team member stationed in Karachi from January 2022. With this addition to the team we maintain our advantages of being a multinational company with the ability to make global resources available locally conveniently and efficiently in line with the Damen philosophy of Think Global – Act Local.

Christian Ross Nielsen Service Hub Director Middle East Damen Services