23 May 2019

Digitalisation in newbuilding

In focus: ✔3D Engineering ✔Newbuilding ✔Maritime digitalisation ✔Albwardy Damen Sharjah


As a further step in our digitalisation journey our Sharjah newbuilding team has implemented the “all in one computer” philosophy in our new construction area.

This new approach avoids printing the hundreds of autocad drawings and greatly improves the process of production. The 3D design views, electronic measuring and identification of parts is much easier done rather than going back to the paper drawings. In addition as more information is available on the shop floor it gives a much better understanding of the construction thus saving time and reducing mistakes or questions.

It all started with a discussion about “how to be a paperless shipyard”. The team came up with the idea of implementing the Digitalisation in workshops using the “all in one computer”, one database where all construction and design information is held and which is directly accessible on the shop floor.

The project was introduced in several phases, starting with the panel construction area in January 2019 with three “All in one computers” available to the supervisors in that area. It was a great success and so far the team has successfully completed six projects.

The next phase was the pipeshop, the team came up with the idea of combining the spool fabrication process and the digital data already available in the ERP software. Some of the interesting outputs from the software are:

  • Automatic nesting for pipes with bevel and automatic file for Bending.

  • Identifying the material availability of each spools and the option to create smaller production batches based on the actual stock

  • Automated production flow: Fabrication cannot be started unless cutting and bending is finished.

  • Opening of spool drawings in one click (no need to print the hardcopies anymore).

  • Spool storage location and spool treatment process can be easily tracked and exact status of each spool process (like cutting finished, Fabrication In progress, QC approved/Rejected, Stored in Pallet 1 etc.) can be generated in excel.

With the best ideas from the team and with help of software, the processes are more automated and paper usage greatly reduced. The goal of implementing the digitalisation in the newbuilding workshops was well and truly met.