29 Apr 2017

Diving & repairs - Fujairah

In focus: ✔Underwater repair works ✔Hull cleaning ✔ Afloat repair ✔ Albwardy Damen Fujairah ✔Milestone


For our Fujairah team, 2017 started fantastic by achieving 5 years LTI Free, a true milestone for our operations. We carry out most of our jobs offshore in challenging conditions and safety is our always our no 1 priority.

The Albwardy Damen Fujairah office mainly serves afloat and diving customers in the region. Recently, in addition to our normal work on the Fujairah anchorage, we increasingly carry out work at the Mina Al Saqr anchorage.

The port has introduced a new safety induction, which is good, and shows the commitment to safety of all parties. The client’s vessel was coming to Mina Al Saqr anchorage and Albwardy Damen Fujairah was contacted at very short notice to attend in the weekend. As all our teams were offshore, we had no immediate manpower available. However, we managed to release people from a team working on another mechanical job on the Khorfakkan anchorage. Thanks to our good cooperation with the authorities, our mechanics got CID clearance at short notice and attended to the vessel’s.

Coming back to activities in Fujairah, sometimes we face positive challenges. Recently, we were requested to deliver on-board training on hydro blasting by a vessel operator who had purchased on-board hydro blasting equipment. It was really a proud moment to see our hydro blaster training the entire vessel crew (including Master and Chief Engineer) on the use of this equipment. He sailed onboard from Fujairah to Kuwait to conduct this training. A similar activity was conducted on a sister VLCC by the same hydro blaster.

Recently we did one hull cleaning job in association with our diving team. A client reported fouling both above and below the waterline. Our Diving department undertook the underwater cleaning and our Afloat team attended to the above water cleaning job. Having all equipment, including the service boat, in-house was a big benefit for the client, who was very happy with our performance and many times expressed that he will utilise our services in future.