23 May 2019

DMC docking

In focus: ✔Ship repair ✔Docking ✔Dubai Maritime City ✔Albwardy Damen Sharjah


Repair and servicing of various thrusters are part of our regular business in Dubai Maritime City, recent such example is KAWASAKI REXPELLER fitted on Allianz Platinum.

KST 220ZC/A is a KAWASAKI REXPELLER consisting of controllable pitch propeller in a duct , skewed propeller of approximately 2550 mm in diameter.

The Rexpeller was thoroughly serviced to resolve the oil leakages in the system. Pre – disassembling work such as preparation of special tools, draining the lubrication oil through the output port, isolating the thruster by disconnecting the piping’s etc. followed by disassembly of each main part eg. Input shaft coupling/universal joint, relational piping to gear box /clutch, coupling of shaft driven pump etc.

Cleaning and parts examination was conducted at our well-equipped workshop & precise machining of necessary parts such as Propeller blades, seal liner was carried out by our highly professional machinist specifically trained to handle thruster parts.

Minuscule QC checks & calibrations of Rexpeller parts were carried out as per manufacturer’s recommendation.

The Rexpeller was reassembled in reverse order with new spares as necessary and system was replenished with fresh oil, final checks were carried out to ensure full satisfaction prior to undocking of vessel.

As whole operation involved heavy lifting therefore extra safety measures were taken to ensure well-being of people and equipment.