10 Jan 2020

EPOCAST Training at Pacific Technology

In focus: ✔Ship repair ✔EPOCAST ✔Pacific Technology ✔Newbuilding Outfitting ✔Dubai Maritime City


Pacific Technology located at the Dubai Maritime City recently hosted Albwardy Damen Team for two days’ training in Epocast preparation, mixing, pouring and curing.

The Technicians, selected from Newbuilding Outfitting got imparted with skills of epoxy resin chock, an engineering product which is cast-in-place to form permanent chocks for machinery support. It can be specified for chocking hot vibrating machinery, or critical alignment installation.

Outfitting Manager Sebastian Dragut affirms that there was the needed availability of the skill in-house, which would give timely service to speed up operations and eliminate delays usually associated with reliance on sub-contractors. This will reduce costs. The skills of these Technicians will be needed for marine main engines of any size, auxiliaries, steering gear, deck machinery and crane rails as well as for generators, compressors, crushers and a wide range of grouting applications.