25 Jan 2018

Fujairah repairs

In focus: ✔ Ship repairs ✔ Windlass repair ✔ Fujairah anchorage ✔ Albwardy Damen Fujairah

Alok Singh

Fujairah Repairs recently attended a windlass repair job onboard vessel MV Bonas at Fujairah port. It was completed in an extremely short timeframe.

This job, awarded by Fleet Management Ltd. – Hong Kong, was to complete the repairs in 3 days at Fujairah anchorage. However when the vessel arrived at anchorage there were only 1.5 days available to do the work. After consultation with the owners we started the job with the aim to complete it in the time available. The vessel was berthed on the morning of 11th December. After obtaining the port’s approval, the Fujairah team mobilised and boarded at around 0930.

The most challenging issue was with the saving of the chockfast pads. The outer bearing bracket was chockfasted. As per client’s acceptance, the team removed it, without breaking it, for reuse. The rope drum with shaft was also removed. Upon inspection, the shaft was found to be damaged in one bearing location. Immediately it was decided to bring the shaft and drum to the workshop.

Repairs started and by midnight, the team completed the work. Two new bush bearings were immediately manufactured, all items were taken back onboard, installed and trials conducted successfully by next morning at 0730.

It was really good to complete this challenging task in less than 24 Hrs.