5 Sep 2017

Funnel repairs to Maersk Sarat

In focus: ✔Afloat vessel repair ✔Damage repair ✔Vessel repair during cargo operation ✔Cargo vessel ✔ Albwardy Damen Sharjah


Albwardy Damen has recently completed afloat repairs to the main engine funnel of the 300-metre container vessel of a leading operator. The vessel was damaged during cargo operations , when its funnel collided with a shore gantry crane.

The work scope of the repair involved prefabricating a new exhaust funnel, 5 x 2 metres, out of 8 mm corten steel, and of removing the damaged funnel.

The new funnel was loaded on board the vessel during a call at Port Jebel Ali Container Terminal, along with all the equipment required to carry out the replacement. When the vessel arrived at the Port of Salalah, Albwardy Damen’s team cropped the old funnel and removed it with the aid of a shore crane before installing the new one.

Anthony Michael, Sales manager Albwardy Damen, said, “We carried out the work during a cargo operation. This meant that there were no delays in the vessel’s schedule, much to the satisfaction of her owners. We are very pleased to demonstrate the efficiency of our harbour and voyage repairs with these kinds of repairs.”