2 Jan 2020

Gulf Deffi – Deck repairs

In focus: ✔Ship repair✔Chemical tanker ✔Damage repair ✔Gulf Deff ✔Albwardy Damen Sharjah


Port Khalid, Sharjah is a preferred choice for Albwardy Damen for major steel renewal, collision damage & pre docking surveys. Its strategic location & excellent support from Port authorities makes it unique for carrying out repair activities.

Gulf Deffi, a chemical tanker reported major damage in COT Tank 10P with buckled deck of approximate size 11m x 11m.

Considering the substantial advantages over other UAE Ports, the repair work was planned at Port Khalid Sharjah. To save time, panels and frames were pre-fabricated at our fully equipped facility – Damen Shipyard Sharjah.

Cutting of damaged steel onboard was completed in less than 36 hours, then the pre-fabricated panels were ready to go for fitting onboard.

Welding of new steel plates was carried out using latest technology to reduce the overall project duration.

Close monitoring by our QC expert’s ensured flawless work and as usual, vigilant safety team worked tirelessly to safeguard people and environment.

As a nature of Ship repair, often we are required to accommodate last minute jobs, we managed all extra works on Gulf Deffi by effectively blending technical competencies together with our decades of experience.

Although the project was challenging vessel departed Port Khalid for loading on the scheduled date.