25 Jun 2021

In-situ repair of scrubber overboard line

In focus: ✔Ship repairs ✔Scrubber installations ✔Docking ✔Regular inspection ✔Maintenance ✔Repair of overboard pipe ✔ Albwardy Damen Sharjah

Sheene Robert Odbina

With the rise of scrubber installations globally our repair portfolio is expanding as the overboard lines from scrubber installations need regular inspection and maintenance.

Our diving team regularly inspects and repairs scrubber overboard lines, all recorded by CCTV camera and reports back to Owners / Managers.

One of the interesting jobs this year was the underwater grinding repair of overboard pipe of Vessel M/T Tenzan by the Albwardy Diving team. The job was carried out to full satisfaction of the owners and showcases the skill and innovation of our diving team.

Sheene Robert Odbina