28 May 2024

Jawar Al Khaleej Shipping (JAK)

In focus: ✔ 25 completed projects ✔ 29 years of experience ✔ 35 vessels

Celebrating more than 2 decades of marine excellence with top- notch quality, Jawar Al Khaleej Shipping L.L.C (JAK) has operated in the spot market throughout the GCC doing a wide variety of services around the Gulf and beyond.

"As we attain our goals, it's possible for our ambitions to diminish, but it is crucial to propel ourselves beyond. Our vision and ambition should not conclude upon reaching a goal; instead, it should serve as the starting point for aiming even higher. It is essential to persist have confidence in our capacity to exceed the constraints imposed by others."
Dr. Baydaq Al Jazaeri

Our partner

Over the past near decade, Albwardy Damen has played a crucial role as one of the key partners contributing to the sustained success of Jawar Al Khaleej Company. Their collaboration has been instrumental in realizing Jawar Al Khaleej Company's objective of annually expanding its fleet. This concerted effort has significantly propelled JAK Company into becoming the owner of one of the most contemporary fleets equipped with cutting-edge technology in the Middle East. All newly acquired vessels are equipped with "Remote Monitoring" technology, making them the first vessels in the region to comply with IMO Tier III standards.

Jawar Al Khaleej Shipping (JAK) entrusts the regular maintenance of 16 vessels from its fleet to Albwardy Damen in 2024

Jawar Al Khaleej and Albwardy Damen are embarking on a new challenge, building upon their previous international successes in shipbuilding, maintenance, and marine services. In this latest endeavour, they are undertaking the responsibility of performing all scheduled repair/maintenance tasks for 16 Offshore vessels within the Jawar Al Khaleej fleet throughout the year 2024. This commitment underscores the trust placed in the advanced technology and exceptional technical expertise delivered by Albwardy Damen. The company consistently upholds the rigorous standards that set Jawar Al Khaleej apart in the industry.