13 Apr 2023

Kawasaki steering gear and fin stabilizer system

In focus: ✔ Albwardy Damen Fujairah ✔ Hydraulics services ✔ Kawasaki Steering Gear ✔ Overhaul of fin stabilizer ✔ Ship repairs

Hydraulics services

Albwardy Damen has undertaken overhaul of hydraulic valves for Kawasaki Steering Gear in Fujairah offshore.

This job had to be carefully executed as due to ocean current the rudder was constantly moving and had to be locked in position and valves had to be overhauled.

Albwardy Damen has successfully carried out overhaul of fin stabilizer system including hydraulics. The maker of fin stabilizer is Quantum.

It was a challenging job as working with yacht we had to be very careful with cleanliness and had to avoid spillage of hydraulic oil, the working space was very cramped and hydraulic actuators were controlled by complex electronics servo valves.