1 Apr 2017

Last of 2411

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2017 saw the delivery of YN 61092, the last vessel in a series of 8 Tugs - ASD 2411 – delivered between Nov 2015 and Jan 2017. For our newbuilding team in Damen Shipyards Sharjah this represents a true journey of tug building excellence.

The 2411 Azimuth Stern Drive, is one of most efficient and top selling Damen tugs due to its unobstructed deck arrangements, powerful thrusters and modern interior.

The lead vessel was built for Sharjah Port, and the other vessels were delivered to international owners from Germany, the Netherlands and Italy.

Mr Anish Chittilappilly, Newbuilding Project Manager explains: “We started this project in 2014. After receiving the order we analysed the production of this series of tugs and set our targets. Today, when we have delivered the last and 8th ASD 2411 of its series, of which three have fire fighting arrangements, we are delighted and proud of what we have achieved. Some achievements over the last two years are:

  • High level of detailed engineering to allow for full preoutfitting from panel building stage. We pre-install piping and all supports for equipment and components.

  • Superstructure is constructed and outfitted completely and separately by a single team, including exhaust pipes, painting, insulation etc. The complete superstructure is then joined with the vessel in one operation.

  • Reduction in pre-commissioning and commissioning time.

  • Building time reduced from 13 to 11 months.

The lessons learned from this series, have provided us with the right tools, knowhow and experience for applying this practice in our current and future projects.