29 Apr 2024

Load Moment Indicator upgrade packages

In focus: ✔ Hydraulics services ✔ Load Moment Indicator system ✔ Installation and calibration

Albwardy Damen has the expertise in supply, installation and calibration of LMI (Load Moment Indicator) system for deck cranes. Till date we have installed 20 systems on various deck cranes and the performance and accuracy of system is good. Our clients include Acta Marine, Holyhead Towing, Damen Marine Services, Caspian Offshore Construction etc. This system is also accepted by ADNOC and ARAMCO.

LMI system comprises of following:

  • 1x IP66 protected 4.3’’ screen with can bus feature;

  • 1x ECU; 2x pressure sensor;

  • 2x angle sensor;

  • 1x length sensor;

  • warning lamps;

  • buzzer.

Maker: Avioni-Turkey

The working principle is as below:

  • The moment limiter is based on real-time scanning of pressure levels detected by sensors on the crane's main boom cylinder.

  • The measured pressure is converted to the "moment" of the crane.

  • The system guides the operator and shows how much load is lifted and maximum how much load can be lifted in any lifting position of crane.

  • The system constantly checks if this limit has been reached; when the maximum limit is reached, it warns the operators with overload, audible and visual alarm.

The system includes the following features on display and complies to EN 12999 Safety Standard.

  • Main boom angle

  • Knuckle boom angle

  • Full boom length (main + knuckle)

  • Hook height from ground

  • Outreach from turret center to hook (a.k.a radius)

  • Actual load weight

  • Limit load at the actual radius (a.k.a SWL)

  • LMI percent (actual load / SWL)