28 Mar 2024

Multi Cat 3313 SD DMS Snipe

In focus: ✔ Newbuilding ✔ Damen Multi Cat ✔ IMO Tier III

DMS Snipe is a beautiful Damen Multi Cat 3313 SD, specially built with shallow draught design less than 2m draught. It’s a new design of Multi Cat developed by Damen Shipyards Hardinxveld to serve the marine dredging industry, anchor handling services, offshore services and marine maintenance works.

Having shallow draught capabilities will suite the vessel to work very close to shore even by keeping the marine ecosystem intact. This was built to a new class of Damen Multi Cat with an engine room ready to be upgraded to meet IMO Tier III compliance in emissions reduction.

DMS Snipe was built for Damen Marine Services to strengthen their fleet in Multitask vessels in various requirements in the Middle East and in compliance with ARAMCO/ADNOC requirements. Our journey began in March 2022, and by June of the same year, we observed the traditional keel-laying ceremony.

Mr Jan Fijnekam, the Managing Director of Damen Marine Services, welded the coin to the keel, marking a significant moment in the vessel's construction. The intricate engineering details of the vessel were meticulously handled in-house, working closely with Damen Hardinxveld to ensure precision and excellence.

We came up with a smart building strategy to make constructing the vessel efficient, considering the timely arrival of major machinery at our yard. We divided the vessel hull into different blocks and pre-equipped these blocks with piping and small steel foundations. This approach allowed us to complete all the hot works as soon as the blocks were joined. Once joined, we could kick start painting, carpentry, and electrical works in the finished sections, keeping our construction on track. One notable challenge was fitting all six engines (three for propulsion, two for the generator, and one for the hydraulic power pack) into the limited space of the engine room. Additionally, the Multi Cat required a significant amount of hydraulic systems for the deck machineries and cranes, demanding seamless integration throughout the vessel's length.

During the construction, we had a very fruitful cooperation with Damen Hardinxveld and Damen Marine Services. Approvals of the construction and Quality checks are completed without any issues within the planned time. Obviously the vessel was built with highest Quality Standard.

We launched the vessel on January 16, 2023, just as we planned in our contract. The sea trials went smoothly in early March 2023, and by mid-March, the vessel was all set for delivery.

On the 16th of March our shipyard hosted a beautiful naming ceremony for our latest vessel. The event saw a gathering of high officials from Damen Shipyard Hardinxveld, Damen Marine Services, and our management. Ms Sandra Hitz, the vessel's God Mother from Damen Marine Service, added a touch of charm by christening the ship with sparkling champagne on its bulwark. It was a joyous moment for everyone.

With the successful delivery of the Multi Cat DMS Snipe, our cooperation with Damen Hardinxveld blooms further, as they entrust us with the construction of not one, but two more Multi Cat 3313 SDs. We are very much delighted with these orders and the trust in us by Damen Shipyard Hardinxveld. Our team is committed to bringing the same dedication to ensure the success and high-quality construction of the upcoming Multi Cat 3313.