12 Jun 2024

New mechanical workshop in Dubai DMC

In focus: ✔ New Workshop ✔ Dubai Operations ✔ Engine refurbishing ✔ Thruster overhauling ✔ Hydraulic shop

We have reached a critical turning point in our efforts to offer operational excellence and innovation with the launch of our new Workshop (W149) at Dubai Maritime City. The new facility is a quantum leap in our capabilities, in perfect harmony with our mission to improve overall efficiency while offering advanced solutions. The Engine refurbishing, Thruster overhauling, Hydraulic shop, and electric motor rewinding shop will all be integrated at a single location.

To perform OEM jobs for NIIGATA engine & thrusters, YANMAR engines, and KAWASAKI thrusters, the new workshop will be a benefit. The new facility will provide space for our OEM spares storage and long-term storage of deliverables for our clients across the globe. Also, additional plans include adding a dynamic balancing and grid blasting station exclusively for turbochargers in the near future.

As we work on improving DMC's facility better every day we recently added dedicated shops for fuel pumps, injectors and governor at our existing DMC workshop. All repair and reconditioning tasks will be performed in accordance with OEM specifications/standards.

The offered services are listed below:

  • reconditioning, overhauling, and testing of fuel pumps and injectors (4-stroke medium speed and 2-stroke engines);

  • overhauling and testing of all types of mechanical and hydraulic Governors;

  • overhauling of ICU unit (2-stroke engines);

  • onboard troubleshooting and tuning of Governor;

  • PV valves testing.

The strategy of adding new shops to the facility is to offer our esteemed customers, particularly those from NIIGATA, with a complete engine repair package. We have achieved the aim of eliminating the involvement of every sub-contractors in engine repair work and ultimately increasing our repair capacity in all engine components.