30 Mar 2023

Niigata Power Systems appoints Albwardy Damen as their Service Partner in the Middle East

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OEM Representation

Niigata Power Systems, a pioneer Japanese equipment manufacturer in the marine industry, appointed Albwardy Damen as their Sales and service agent for NIIGATA Diesel engines and Marine propulsion systems.

Niigata Power systems is the only manufacturer in the world which makes both engine and azimuth Z-Pellers under original design, without mergers and acquisitions. With more than 100 years of history, Niigata is proud of its reliability and reputation among harbour and terminal tug and OSV operators across the world. The Japan- headquartered company manufactures engines producing a total of around 1 m horsepower a year and nearly 5,000 units of Z-Pellers have been delivered around the world. As an all-around power system provider, they are also involved in diesel engines, gas engines, and gas turbines co– generation activity.

Since the appointment AlbwardyDamen has set up a dedicated team servicing Niigata Engines and Z-Pellers in the region. We have a dedicated team for all our NIIGATA service and spare parts enquiries and can be reached at: niigata@albwardydamen.com.