21 May 2019

Playa de Anzoras Special survey & modifications

In focus: ✔Ship repair ✔Special survey ✔Modifications ✔Fishing vessel ✔Albwardy Damen Fujairah


Playa De Anzoras, a 1999 year built fishing vessel was brought to Albwardy Damen by her Spanish owner, PEVASA to carry out her special survey under BV class, a full maintenance program and modifications to vessels equipment and machinery.

All maintenance and modification jobs were carried out in house in close cooperation between the engineering and the various departments to full satisfaction of the owners.

Following are the main jobs carried out as part of Special survey & modifications:

  • Retrofit 1750 KW Shaft generator coupled to the main engine – Engineering & FEA analysis of the foundation, Fabrication of foundation, Installation & alignment of the shaft generator and routing of all the associated cabling, termination and commissioning.

  • Installation of new RIM thruster – Remove the conventional fixed pitch bow thruster, Fabricate new tunnel and install new RIM thruster together with the associated cabling and termination.

  • Replace the Hydraulic pump drive auxiliary engine with electric motors – Associated modifications on the foundations, electrical, piping side and commissioning.

  • Extension of the electrical control room and installation of new switch board for the retrofit shaft generator.

  • Installation of Stern thruster drive motor & frequency drive.

  • Replacement of the existing sewage treatment plant and associated piping modifications.

  • Installation of new compressor and bilge separator.

  • Extension of the existing platform over main deck.

  • Fabricate and install new platform over the main engine.

  • Fabricate and erect new storage spaces in the cargo conveyor space.

  • Blasting & painting of 14 Nos. of Fish cargo tanks.

  • Conversion of toilet to bedroom in the accommodation

  • Various jobs related to special survey – Hull blasting and painting, Tail shaft survey jobs, Steel renewal as per the UT gauging, Sea valves & over board valves, etc.