20 Apr 2023

Rudder stock renewal

In focus: ✔ Albwardy Damen Sharjah ✔ Ship repairs ✔ Rudder stock renewal

Dubai operations

Albwardy Damen did rudder stock renewal for Bulk Carrier Vessel 180 m LOA at Port Khalid alongside.

It was very critical and challenging to accomplish this project in afloat condition. Rudder was weighing more than 25 tonnes. It was difficult to extract the rudder out due to inadequate trimming and increased sea traffic within the port basin.

Deployed 400-tonne crane to transfer the rudder blade from position to jetty. Extensive deformation observed not only on rudder stock, pintle and blade itself. Rudder stock was bent beyond limits. Replaced Rudder stock with new spare, machined the rudder blade flange, pintle pins and installed back with new bearings.