30 Apr 2018

Seven Inagha Conversion & Repairs

In focus: ✔Ship repairs ✔Conversions ✔Aft Leg tower modification ✔Fuel oil tank conversion jobs ✔ Albwardy Damen Sharjah


Main Scope: To fabricate and install Sponsons tanks built with Gondola structure incorporated with stern thrusters on either sides of the lift boat.
Timing: Dec 2017 – April 2018 (27/12/2017 –30/04/2018)
Class: BV
Major highlights: Completed within and as per the contract to full satisfaction of owner and BV, without being even a single first aid case reported.

Subsea7, UK contracted Albwardy Damen to fabricate and install Sponsons tanks built with Gondola structure incorporated with stern thrusters on either sides of the lift boat.

Works carried out:

Fabrication and installation of Sponson tank 140 T

  • Fabrication and installation of Sponson tanks with Gondola structure and new stern thrusters

  • Fabrication and installation of Bilge System , extension of all associated pipe line

  • Modification of the Main Switch Board by extending the Bus-bars and adding additional breakers, electrical cabling and hook-up of the thrusters including the installation of the VFD to power up the thrusters

  • Installation and integration of automation and control connections with the existing system

  • Carry out commissioning / functional tests / sea trials to the satisfaction of the owners, the representative from the makers of the thrusters and the Class.

Lifting second block of the sponson

Aft Leg tower modification

  • Fabrication and installation of aft tower structure to accommodate new planetary gearbox thereby increasing the jacking capacity to compensate the increase in the weight by the new Sponsons.

  • Installation of new planetary motor and extension of hydraulic connections

  • Fabrication / modification of platforms and access structures

Aft leg tower after modification

Fuel oil tank conversion jobs

  • Fabrication and installation of new FO tanks (steel job of 10 T approx.)

  • Fabrication and installation of associated piping, level sensors, sounding, new manholes, etc…

  • Air pressure testing of the new FO tanks to the satisfaction of the BV attending surveyor

  • Integration of filling and discharge lines with existing FO system

  • Convert the old FO tanks to storage spaces

FO tanks converted to Storage rooms

Other major fabrication jobs

  • Relocation of rescue boats and davits

  • Fabrication and installation of Helideck emergency escape access arrangement

  • Black, grey & drain line modifications

  • New Fifi monitoring system pipe routing and electrical cabling and modification of the MSB for the powering the new pumps.

  • FO air vents and sounding pipes modification and relocation

  • Fabrication and installation of new bases and access Platforms for additional reefer containers

  • Engine control room ducting modification

  • Fabrication and installation of new emergency anchor winch foundation and anchor resting arrangement

New emergency anchor installed

New FiFi monitors installed

Emergency escape access from the Helideck

Major mechanical jobs

  • Afloat removal of rudders , propellers and tail shafts, class survey and reinstallation

  • Top overhauling of generators and servicing of alternators

  • Removal and overhauling of 295 T SWL crane main hook

  • Overhauling of all overboard and dump valves

  • Installation of new life boat davit and life boats

Taking out the tail shaft

Assembling the life boat davits

Life boat installed on board

Crane main hook removing

Preload valves ceramic coated

Surface preparation and painting

  • Hydro-blasting and painting of complete hull including under water area during afloa

  • Power tooling and painting of all WB preload tanks (10 Nos.)

  • Grit blasting and painting of 4 Nos. fresh water tanks

  • Hydro-blasting and painting of Helideck

  • HP washing and painting from top to bottom of the vessel including all accommodation decks, superstructure and other outfitting

Hull after blasting & painting

Helideck blasted & painted

Fresh water tanks coated

Specialized jobs

  • Installation of aviation lights on top of the legs

  • Friction test of Helideck

  • Assembly and installation of new life boats with davits

  • Carry out 5 yearly load test of the main crane hook with 325 T SWL

  • Power tooling and painting on the crane booms using rope access

  • Leg markings( 3 Nos. legs) using rope access

  • Supply, installation and commissioning of 35 T hydraulic mooring winch driven by independent diesel driven HPU

  • Drop object survey and rectification of cranes using rope access

  • Design (including FEA) foundation for the new emergency anchor winch and anchor resting arrangement

Load testing of the crane

Legs marked

Crane booms painted

Helideck getting friction tested

New emergency anchor winch

Jobs at anchorage

  • Removal of sea fastening of the barges, CB 28 & CB 29 and Seven Inagha from the carrier vessel, Albatross

  • Steel renewal on the leg pads and cans

  • Supply and installation of 280 anodes on the leg pads and cans

Seven Inagha, CB 28 & Cb 29 arriving Hamriyah anchorage on board Albatros

Steel renewal on the leg pads