24 Nov 2021

Underwater repairs at Vopak Horizon terminal

In focus: ✔Ship repairs ✔Underwater repairs ✔Underwater crack repair ✔ Diving team ✔ Albwardy Damen Fujairah


One of the services which has been awarded to our diving team this year was underwater crack repair at two locations for one of the piles at Vopak Horizon with a diameter of 914 mm.

This is by installation of huge doubler plates each measuring 600 mm wide, 1500 mm long and 20 mm thick with two plates for each location. This is a meticulous operation that requires skilled divers who have the relevant know-how and experience to resolve all the technical difficulties encountered during underwater operations.

The use of doubler plates is a temporary method of repair to add reinforcement to corroded and cracked plates, or defective welds. Generally the operation begins by cleaning the surface areas in preparation for the underwater welding. The doubler plates are then placed over the area where there is a crack.

Albwardy Damen has underwater welders trained and certified, ready for any job. The divers welded the plates in place and finally the welded area surrounding the plate was applied with underwater putty. As per our procedure and in line with the clients requirements, the job was carried out following strict safety protocol and with the best quality possible.