2 Jan 2020

Van Oord hopper dredgers

In focus: ✔Ship repair✔Hopper dredgers ✔Docking ✔Dredging equipment update✔Albwardy Damen Sharjah


Over the course of the year we had 2 van Oord hopper dredgers in our Sharjah yard. The Costa Verde was docked in January and the HAM 311 in April. Opening the bottom doors on our shiplift takes a different set up than normal but it is very possible and efficient.

The scope of work on the Costa Verde included:

  • Docking, gritblasting and repainting of the hull.

  • Tailshaft and rudder overhaul.

  • Hopper bottom doors real renewal.

  • CPP system blade replacement and maintenance to the hydraulics.

  • Bow truster overhaul.

  • Hopper door seal renewal.

  • Maintenance to the dredge head and winches.

The scope of work on the HAM 311 included:

  • Tailshaft, propeller, rudder overhauls.

  • CPP system overhauls.

  • Overhaul of bowthruster unit

  • Dredging equipment hydraulic cylinder overhauls.

Proper job scheduling, good Team coordination, superior Customer liaison and solid focus on project requirements saw the projects completed with full Customer satisfaction.